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Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka Tokyo Nagoya Japan: Open source of Cloud Storage Light

Cloud storage of Microsoft Azure Blob for Cloud Storage Light was released as open source.

Open range is a Web application libraries and sample of core. You can easily impart a function of cloud storage to their own Web application and use the library. Microsoft Azure Blob will be able to easily provide admission control and full-text search of the mechanism of a user or role record levels that do not have the original.

API has published in OData format in addition to the API of the CLR native. OData is a REST API, which is widely used, such as Microsoft Corp. and SAP AG. It supports OData of V3 and (for LightSwitch) V4. (I think it is useful as an interface format of Web API that V4 function of action or function in the can now define the API at the same flexibility as the additional general REST of OData)

If, if you think the cooperation of cloud storage with business applications, Cloud Storage Light please consider the use of.